Enlaces de interes, todo relacionado con la Hosteleria y el turismo

1- Publicación digital «Personas en movimiento: estadísticas sobre movilidad en Europa», que cubre por primera vez los datos de la Unión Europea agregada con 27 Estados miembros.

The 2020 edition of the digital publication «People on the move – statistics on mobility in Europe» is released today covering for the first time data for the aggregate European Union with 27 Member States.

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Did you know that among the 447 million persons living in the EU in 2019, 8 % had a nationality other than their country of residence? In today´s European Union, people are on the move, whether that’s due to migration, education, work or tourism.

This digital publication, which contains short texts and interactive visualisations, shows trends and the latest data on a large range of statistics. These include immigration, residence permits, commuting between regions, tourist destinations and number of cars, just to mention a few.

This edition only describes the situation up to the year 2019 at the most. As a consequence, the first findings of any COVID-19 related implications will only be possible in the next edition of the publication.